Back in the Kitchen

It’s been a while!

After a super busy year in my ‘9-5’ and getting engaged I am finally returning to the love of my life – food.

As the pre-wedding dress panic is setting in I’m reminded that it’s a constant balancing act to eat food that satisfies your literal needs as well as giving that same enjoyment and satisfaction.

So I will be endeavouring to share my forays into this, most perilous of journeys, to stuff my face with yummy delights and come out of it healthier than when I went in.

First case: Grapefruit halves. The classic dieters breakfast, allegedly kick-starting the metabolism and giving a daily dose of vitamin C.

Dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon I did like it – but I have a particular fancy for sour things, if you don’t, this maybe too much for you. I sliced up the other half with mango and chopped walnuts so might be more palatable for those with a sweeter tooth!

Well that’s breakfast out of the way, and I had better get busy – we’ve got catching up to do :).


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