More for my money…

In this instance see calories for money. 

(Although I highly approve of saving money wherever possible too!)

Sometimes when you come home, tired, hungry, you just want to see a huge mound of food on your plate. Not ‘enough’ food, but more than enough. Times like these you have to get your thinking cap on. Normally I advocate for soup, it looks big, feels filling and the excess is made of water (win/win right?) but you can’t have soup all the time.

Now I don’t particularly subscribe to the low-carb ideology, although I do know people who have definitely benefitted from it, I generally feel what works for you, works. Sometimes though it is useful to steal a few ideas…

I really wanted to use up some smoked mackerel and settled on a fish curry, but as an oily fish it was going to take a serious bite out of my 400kcals I aim for with each meal. The other biggest contributor in this dish? The rice. I was slightly loathe to compromise as rice is 100% my favourite carbohydrate, if I could only have one again I would gave rice  breakfast, lunch and dinner. This time however, I opted to for the oh-so-trendy cauliflower rice since I didn’t feel like looking down at a pitifully sized portion.

I have to admit I got a lot of bang for my buck. I wouldn’t replace rice permanently but the cauliflower was pretty complimentary. The curry was made with butternut squash, spinach and potato and the mackerel flaked in so the slightly sweet, slightly nutty cauli wasn’t half bad. And I got an extra veg towards my 5 a day (bonus points). Downsides…curry and smoked fish? Don’t keep your coat in the Kitchen while you’re cooking.

If you have calorie ‘saving’ tips to share I’d love to know! Or suggestions of how you’ve served your cauliflower rice :).


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