Polish Inspiration

There wasn’t a great deal in my fridge today, and I was home alone, so using up whatever was there seemed the order of the day. 

What I did have in abundance was cottage cheese (7 pots to be exact) my partner is well known amongst our friends for eating a pot a day, but I figured he could spare me some. I also had a small amount of dough left from what I’d made the night before (just a flour and water mix, nothing special) I have a tendency to shove everything back in the fridge thinking that I’ll find something to do with it, and this time it panned out.

Anyway, what came to my mind was Pierogi, which if you don’t know are little Polish (or generally Slavic/Eastern European) dumplings which come with a variety of fillings. One of the most popular? Pierogi Ruskie which has a cottage cheese and potato filling. I understand that the cottage cheese traditionally used is not quite what we mean when we say cottage cheese in the UK (if anyone can explain the difference I’d be interested, I think it’s something to do with the curd size?) but I’m sure it’s similar enough to get away with it. 

Long story short is, a boiled and mashed potato later, I mixed a couple of spoons of the cheese with potato, salt and pepper and crimped up in a few little discs of the dough. 

When I’ve been served Pierogi before it usually came topped with some softened onions or with bacon bits and sour cream, but I didn’t have any of these so I sliced up a bit of smoked ham, and then a little cabbage and mushroom for good measure (another filling for Pierogi by-the-by) and after a quick trip in boiling water and the frying pan. Lunch was served. 

I don’t know how they measured up to the Pierogi your Babcia used to make, but at least they hit the spot (and I didn’t have to go out).


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