Ramen Burgers….don’t mind if I do! 

I saw these on a cooking channel, (Hayley Duff has her own food show apparently??) and since A) I love fusion food and b) my boyfriend won’t eat bread…how could I pass up the opportunity?!

Step 1. Make the ramen buns.

Pretty straight forward as it turns out, cook up the noodles (sans flavouring) once cooked, drain off and allow to cool slightly.

You need to beat and egg and mix with the warm noodles, a pinch of salt at this stage won’t hurt, and once thoroughly coated press into a mould – I used cookie cutters. 

Pop in the fridge ’til cold I left them for a good half an hour or so – before you cook your burgers pop them in a fairly hot frying pan to cook through and get a nice crisp golden outer.

Step 2. Additionals

For this recipe since I was going for the Asian theme I made a few garnishes or additions to round it out. First up was wasabi mayo (as easy as it sounds) then a satay inspired sauce made from crunchy peanut butter, brown sugar, chillies and fish sauce (I do love a bit of texture!) and some pickled cucumber (finely sliced cucumber with sugar, salt and rice wine vinegar left to marinate while prepping everything else). 

Step 3. Burgers

My burgers were lean pork with a touch of grated carrot for a bit of sweetness and to keep them moist and most importantly juicy :). Topped off with smoked mature cheddar (I add it in the pan to let it melt through for gooey goodness). And then I layered it up like there was no tomorrow! 

Et Voila! 

Step 3. Plate it up.

A couple of fresh sides to cut through all that cheese and peanut butter – grilled courgette ‘crisps’,  fresh ‘slaw’ (as they call it in the trendy restaurants these days) and the burgers were ready to go. 

Step 4. Eat!

I was pretty happy and have definite plans for further experimental variations (the fact that I will be using this as a shameless excuse to eat more burgers is completely beside the point). 

What would you put on your Ramen Burger? Let me know! 🙂 


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