A Long-Term Relationship

Sunny Breakfast

Most people’s relationship with food is complicated. There are things we love, things we hate, times we could do with out the hassle, but one this is certain – we can’t live without it.

Physically yes, but most often emotionally too – what we eat is usually determined by how we feel and I am no exception. I would have to say healthy or unhealthy, girls and boys alike almost everyone I know has food on their mind, what they just ate, what they’re about to eat and what they wish they could be eating! It’s because of this relationship the whole idea of blogging seemed a reasonable step – if I’m going to think and talk about food, eat it and prepare it, why not write about it too.


So I’ll be sharing my own intimate encounters with food, the things I’ve been cooking and eating, and imagining. And if you are the type of person who always wanted to have a picture book rather than a novel, you can find me on instagram as well @poppys.kitchen.